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AngelWeft, the new hair extension innovation from Angel Remy.

If you’ve been waiting for a sensational new look, say hello to AngelWeft, the incredible new hair extension innovation from Angel Remy.

AngelWeft hair extension will add luxurious volume and length to your own hair, giving a totally natural look and feel, besides being invisible to the naked eye.

What are AngelWeft hair extensions?  

More than just a blend of other extensions, AngelWeft comes with a range of unique and innovative benefits. The AngelWeft hair extension is very discreet, thin and flat, so they will look almost invisible when fitted meaning no one will know you have them in. You’ll have a sensational look that will blend in beautifully with your own hair.

What’s more, the Angel Weft will give you a low maintenance extension method that will transform your hair with luxurious full body and length with minimal shedding and no return hair. This will help your extensions look great for the full duration that you have them.

The AngelWeft is available in a variety of shades including rich, deep and lustrous tones that create a totally natural look. Available in 20” lengths, they’re suitable for application with Micro and Nano Rings, so there’s no need to learn a new fitting technique, as our AngelWeft uses the same installation process as our Superwefts and Natural Ratio Wefts.

What colours and lengths will AngelWeft extensions be available in?

Our beautiful AngelWeft extensions come in our most popular shades. Solid Shades are #1, #1B, #2, #4, #22, #30, #33, #60, #White Blonde, #Silver Ash, while Mixed Shades available are #1B/2, #2/4, #4/8, #8/24, #18/22, #4/22, #4/8/24. All AngelWefts are available in 20” length, and sold in 60gram pieces.

Style your AngelWeft extensions just the way you want them. 

Your AngelWeft extensions can styled in so many ways, from straight to curly, so you can get your hair looking exactly how you like it when you want to.

Angel Remy are the UK's leading Indian Remy hair Supplier using 100% Indian Remy. After more than 10 years developing the most dazzling professional hair extensions, we are now one of the most sought-after hair extension brands in the UK.

Get the sensational new look, shop AngelWeft today.