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Flat Tip Hair Extensions Explained

Who’s that babe with the beautiful flat tip hair extensions?

It could so easily be you – if you’d love an absolutely fabulous hair transformation in next to no time.

If you’ve been wishing for comfortable, lightweight, flexible hair extensions that you can style in any way you like, then these are a stunning way of adding lustrous volume and more luxurious length to your own hair, giving a totally natural look and feel, besides being invisible to the naked eye. What’s more, for a complete newbie to hair extensions, these are probably the ones to go with.

First let’s take a closer look at just what flat tip hair extensions are.

Angel Remy Flat Tip Hair extensions are made only from superior quality Italian Keratin and are very popular with those who are looking for a really discreet method of adding hair.

The extensions come in 20 gram bundles and are applied in luxury 1 gram strands, each of which is fitted by folding the Keratin tip around your own hair and then sealing it flat by applying a tiny amount of heat to create a small, discreet bond using a gentle and natural keratin glue.

How do flat tip hair extensions feel?

Sensational is the only word! Your flat tips will lay flat and smooth, in the same way that a tape hair extension does. And whether you decide to have 18/20 inch or 22/24 inch lengths, you’ll just love the strong, sturdy bond and lustrous fullness of your new hair from root to tip.

Will anyone know I have hair extensions?

No way! They’ll just be knocked out by your sensational new look. The flat tips are the same colour as the extensions themselves so will blend in beautifully with your hair. Though it is worth remembering that as your hair grows, the tips will start to move down with it and might become visible. With regular maintenance appointments that won’t be an issue.

Are flat tip extensions easy to apply?

Applying and removing your flat tip hair extensions is completely pain free and really quite simple, but does need special tools so should be done by a professional extension specialist. It should take between one and two hours, but the transformation will be more than worth it!

Looking after your hair extensions.

To keep your flat tip extensions looking their beautiful best, they’ll need the right aftercare. It’s advisable to steer clear of products containing alcohol, oil or sulphate as these will dry out your lovely extensions and could also loosen any keratin glue used to attach them to your hair. Your best plan is to pay a visit to your hair extension specialist every few months to get the extensions reinstalled as your hair grows out.

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