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Haircare Edit – Your Guide to Spring/Summer Hair Essentials!

Ready to transition your haircare routine to Spring/Summer? We are! We’ve got you covered with the latest haircare staples to stock up your hairdrobe and keep your hair extensions healthy and shiny during the summer months


When wearing Angel Remy Hair Extensions, it’s important to use a shampoo that is free of all nasties such as sulphates and silicones to keep your hair extensions in the best condition possible!

Choose Wella Hair’s Renewing Shampoo for a gentle cleanse without stripping out your natural hair oils keeping it shiny and healthy.

We recommend shampooing twice to make sure all product build-up has vanished and your scalp and hair are fully cleansed.

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Conditioner is super important to smooth out your hair’s cuticle layer, help to detangle and increase shine and reduce frizz. Conditioning your extensions should be a staple step in your haircare routine to keep it healthy and shiny.

Go for a natural, renewable conditioner like Wella Hair’s Renewing Conditioner. This works perfectly with the Renewing Shampoo to keep frizz and breakage at bay. Free from silicones, Wella Renewing range is perfect for hair extensions and natural hair.

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To mask or not to mask. We say mask! And so do haircare experts Wella. Adopting a moisturising mask once a week will help to intensely nourish the hair locking in moisture to keep it healthy and free from damage.

Wella Elements Renewing Mask contains a number of active ingredients to promote keratin production and restore the hair.

Use Wella Elements Renewing Mask once a week following their shampoo and conditioner for optimum results.

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Bond Smoother

Before blow drying your hair, you should always add in a leave in product to protect your hair in-between washes. Opt for Olaplex NO6 Bond Smoother to add moisture, strengthen your hair and reduce frizz.

The leave-in cream is brilliant for all hair types including coloured and treated hair. Olaplex’s patented technology is free of sulphates, phthalates, parabens and gluten and can assist with reversing damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments.  

Apply a very small amount to damp or dry hair to mid-length to ends. Brush through and style as required.

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Extension Brush

The proof is in the brush or so they say. Not only are products an essential step to keep your hair healthy this spring/summer but so are the tools! Choose a hair extension brush to brush through your hair daily keeping knots at bay.

Say goodbye to matted, snagged hair and shop our hairbrush specifically designed for hair extensions.

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In-between all of that the key to keeping your extensions healthy and long-lasting is aftercare. Ensuring you're attending regular maintenance appointments, refraining from exposing the hair to harsh chemicals such as chlorine and tying your hair extensions away when sleeping are just a few ways you can get longevity from your extensions.

Check out our Aftercare Tips here.