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How to glam up this Galentine’s Day

What is Galentine’s Day?  

It’s the year’s most special day for girly get togethers. It’s celebrated every February 13th - the day before Valentine’s – and was created just so you and the gang can meet up and have some fun doing whatever you like.

This is one day when boyfriends, husbands or male friends don’t get a look in because, like the name says, it’s a day to love just being Gals together! 

So how should you celebrate Galentine’s Day?

The day’s your oyster! It’s all about getting together with your best female pals and doing whatever you enjoy together on a girls’ night in or a girls’ night out.

It could be a pampering spa day or how about a ladies-only dinner party at a swish restaurant? You might meet up for a late and lazy brunch together at a favourite watering hole, then turn the day into a night on the town.

There are no fixed rules for having a great Galentine’s. It can be anything you and your gals want it to be. 

Make sure you have perfect hair for Galentine's Day.

Galentine’s is the perfect excuse to slam on the glam. And the quickest, easiest way to do it is some out-of-this-world new extensions.

This is no time for holding back, so why not try a fantastic new colour or a wild new style? (If you can’t impress your closest girlfriends, then who?)

Knowing your hair looks top dollar is an absolute must for your girls-only meet-up, so this is just the time for showing off your fabulous new hair extensions from Angel Remy Hair Extensions.

Go for volume with our double drawn superweft extensions.

Fancy beautiful hair with loads of luscious volume for Galantine’s? Then go for our fabulous Double Drawn Superweft extensions.

These extensions will give your hair full body and length. And being double drawn, they retain their thickness from root to tip with little to no shedding.

Angel Remy Double Drawn Superweft extensions are the perfect method for creating your own clip in hair extensions, with lengths from 12/14″, 18/20″ and 22/24.

Try our Flat Tips for a more natural look.

How about switching up your style to our Flat Tip extensions for a more natural ‘outdoor girl’ look and feel for Galentine’s?  

These are comfortable, lightweight and flexible hair extensions that you can style how you like to add lustrous volume and more luxurious length to your own hair.

What’s more, they’re invisible to the naked eye, so your secret’s safe with us.

Or choose AngelWeft, our most heavenly innovation to date.

AngelWeft is our sensational new extension that adds luxurious volume and length to your hair, with such a discrete and natural look and feel, your girlfriends won’t even notice you’re wearing extensions!

In a 20” length, AngelWeft comes in a variety of shades including rich, deep and lustrous tones and can be fitted using Micro or Nano Rings, just like our Superwefts and Natural Ratio Wefts, you can cut and style your hair exactly how you like with no return hair and minimal shedding.

One last thought: When you all get together for Galentine’s, make sure you’re the girl with the Angel Remy Hair Extensions