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If you love your hair, you’ll love our shower caps. 

At Angel Remy we've been working with Dilly Day Dream to bring you the very best shower caps. And even before we talk about extensions, these are as good as it gets. But when you do have extensions, it gets even better. You’ll find these are such a versatile item to keep your extensions looking fabulous, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without yours.

Shower or bathe frizz-free!

“I just stand in the shower with my head out of the spray,” you might say, perhaps not realising that the very moisture in the air is making your hair frizzy.

Not any more. At Angel Remy we’re got that covered. With one of our Dilly Day Dream shower caps you’ll finally be free of the frizz. You can relax and enjoy the feeling of just standing there under the showerhead without getting your hair wet!

Same goes when you’re taking a bath. With your hair safe under a Dilly Day Dream shower cap, you’ll be home, dry and unfrizzed. 

Perfect for extensions.

The great thing about your Dilly Day Dream shower cap is that it’s such a lovely generous size, made extra large to accommodate the whole of your beautiful extensions with ease.

This is a pretty important feature simply because it’s not good for hair extensions to be washed every day. We’d recommended that to keep your gorgeous new locks looking their best, you don’t wash your hair more than 2 times in a week.

Keep overnight treatments under wraps.  

When you’re using an overnight hair treatment - our Wella Elements Renewing Mask for instance - how do you make sure your bedsheets are kept nice and clean?

You guessed it. One of our versatile Dilly Day Dream shower caps! It’ll protect your hair and the bedclothes and make sleeping in an overnight treatment less messy.  

Help preserve your hairstyle.  

We all know you can spend an absolute age on getting your hair the way you want it in the morning.

Well here’s where your Dilly Day Dream shower cap can save you some time by doing your hair the night before, then sleeping in your shower cap. You’ll wake up looking as if you just spent hours on your hair.  

Sleep in a shower cap? Really?  

Girls who sleep in their Dilly Day Dream shower caps are anything but cuckoo. It just shows they care for their hair! For anyone who didn’t know this secret, sleeping in our shower cap can prevent your hair from breakage and keep it less knotty in the morning.

Bet you never knew a shower cap could do so much for your hair.  

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