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Natural Ratio VS. Double Drawn

So, you’ve heard that hair extensions can totally transform your look by giving you lots of instant volume and length, and you just love the idea of fuller, more luxurious sensational locks.   

But how do you choose between Natural Ratio and Double Drawn? What’s the difference, and what do these terms mean?

Let’s start with Natural Ratio extensions.

Many hair extensions are created using Natural Ratio hair. 

Natural ratio hair extensions have multiple lengths; therefore, it leads to the phenomenon that the thickest hair is at the top, which tapers downwards leading to a natural finish towards the ends.  This is a popular choice due to the cost as it is much cheaper than Double Drawn hair.

At Angel Remy, our Natural Ratio hair extension range gives a beautiful, more natural finished look.

Double Drawn extensions.

The advantage of choosing Double Drawn over Natural Ratio is that Double Drawn hair extensions have less shorter hairs, most of the hairs are usually the same length to ensure fullness.

Unlike Natural Ratio Hair, Double Drawn hair usually contains hair that is mostly the same length. They have the same thickness from root to tip creating an attractive and voluminous look.

Is there a drawback with Double Drawn extensions?

Firstly, Double Drawn hair can be more expensive than Natural Ratio simply because you’re getting more hair for your money.

Double Drawn hair extensions are thick from root tip, the strands will be heavier than Natural Ratio extensions. If you have fine hair, this extra weight might possibly cause some damage.  

At Angel Remy, we can guarantee you beautiful results whether you choose Natural Ratio or Double Drawn as neither of these extension styles is better than the other. It all comes down to your personal choice and how you want your hair to look.

More volume? Then go for Double Drawn Hair. A more natural tapered look? Go for Natural Ratio Hair.

You can shop both the Double Drawn Hair and Natural Ratio Hair over on the Angel Remy website today.