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What are the best hair extensions for short hair?

Ok, so that cheeky short cut was fun for a while, but now you’re longing to have some lovely long tresses to show off again. The great news is that you can have those lovely flowing locks right now, without waiting for your hair to grow.

Our hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths and can give you a wide range of style options instantly, depending on the thickness of your hair and what products you use.

There are hair extensions that can add length as well as volume. A small number of extensions the same length as your hairstyle can also thicken both short hair and fine hair. With fine hair, remember that extensions will add weight to your hair, so choose shorter and lighter extensions.

Nano Tip Extensions

Nano tip extensions are an excellent option for very short hair, especially when you want to avoid the use of heat or chemicals to guarantee your hair stays in perfect condition.

Small and undetectable, Nano Tips use tiny bonds that attach the extensions to the root of your hair to create the most discreet hair extensions, and are great for all hair types.

Nano tips will give you maximum volume and gorgeous length. Because these extensions are lightweight, they don’t add strain to fine hair, making their tiny tips easy to conceal them under the natural hair.

Weft hair extensions

These are great used for short and thick hair. Using 100% Indian Remy, our luxury Double Drawn SuperWeft extension range brings an incredible volume to your hair. Being double drawn it retains its thickness from root to tip with little to no shedding.

Size 12/14-inch double drawn is a popular choice for those with short hair as it extends the short hair to reach shoulder length.

The minimum hair length for weft hair extensions is three inches, but without tapered ends, blending them is trickier compared to other hair extension types depending on the cut of your natural hair, particularly the blunt cut. The best way is to trim your extensions so the shape fits your cut better.

Some customers actually mix and match extensions such as Nano and Weft together to achieve just the look they want.

Micro ring extensions

With micro ring extensions your hair will need to be at least four inches long to cover the rings. If unsure, you should ask a hair expert if your own hair is long enough to cover the micro rings.

Micro and pre-bonded extensions

For short, thick hair, pre-bonded extensions are a better option for a natural look as when applied they are almost invisible. Tipped with high quality Italian keratin making these strong and durable bonds gentle on your hair.

Hairstyles with extensions for short hair

With short hair, extensions will work really well with an updo by giving you extra dimension, while the extensions will be concealed even if your hair is extra short.

Or you could try a special ponytail with clip-in extensions. Installed in next to no time, a pony will create a fabulous hairdo and transform your short haircut into a completely different look.

Overall, hair extensions are personal to you, so you should shop around until you find the style that’s perfect for you.

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