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Tape Hair Extensions Explained

Don’t tell us you haven’t thought about a fab hair boost with tape hair extensions, but where to begin?

We’ve got you covered with some straight-forward info on the quick and easy route to add instant extra volume and luxurious length to your own natural tresses.

So, what are tape hair extensions?

They’re a semi-permanent hair extension method for adding more thickness and length to your own hair. And they’re different from other types of hair extensions in that they’re applied close to your hair’s roots with - you guessed it - tape.

They’re made with a 4 cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab using a nice and gentle medical glue. This creates a flat, natural finish and an instant, strong bond. They’re quick and easy to apply, lightweight and virtually invisible.

Available in a variety of shades including Rich, deep and lustrous tones that create a totally natural look.

You can choose from a wide variety of hair extension lengths, and they look simply stunning for all types of hair. Easy to see why they’re one of the most popular hair extension methods on the market and why so many people just love them.

How long will your lovely tape hair extensions last?

Give them the right care, and you should be looking fabulous for up to 8 weeks from your first fitting. At the end of that time, your extensions will need to be removed, adjusted and refitted, because your own hair will have grown. 

Naturally, you’ll need to look after your hair extensions. Do it right and your new look can easily be professionally removed, re-taped, and refitted. So, with proper care, and maintenance appointments, you can go on looking fabulous for months to come.

How do you care for your taped hair extensions?

You have them fitted because you want to look the business, and with the right aftercare you can go on turning lots of heads. But you really must use the right products in your aftercare routine, which means nothing containing alcohol, oil or sulphate - these will dry out your extensions and actually loosen the adhesive that attaches the tape to your hair.

Keep your tape hair extensions dry for about 48 hours after they’re applied. This also means no bathing, showering or doing anything that makes you sweat during that time. Moisture could weaken the tape adhesive, causing the extensions to slip. Oops!

After that initial 48 hours, your extensions will need plenty of added moisture from the best quality hair extension products.

How are tape hair extensions applied?

Tapes are applied to the hair using 2 of the wefts sandwiched together with your own hair in-between.  There’s no heat needed, and if professionally installed, your extensions will look beautifully natural.

Now you’re wondering how long does it take to apply the extensions? The quick answer is about an hour, depending on how many of the clever wefts are being attached to your hair.

How much tape in hair will you need? That depends on how thick your own hair is, and how much extra volume you want. Tape extensions are great for all hair types.

How are tape hair extensions removed?

With Angel Remy this is a simple matter, our removal spray is a specially formulated solution designed for our Tape hair. When sprayed onto the tape it will start to lubricate the area making it detach and easy to remove

Providing you’ve looked after your tape extensions and given them the right TLC, they can then be cleaned and re-taped, and you’ll be ready to make more headlines.

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